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Frau Ist

Frau ist, das Licht bricht trotzdem durch

Fearing for your sanity (motherfucking)

Mama, blow smoke in hollow head/
so that nothing will escape

My heart felt a flutter just now

ashore that bitter cliff-
another life

My word so juvenile strung

Death I admit-
I fear your colorful halls.

I’m so biblically stunned

Take thee among my scrapings/
and vow of immortal doves

Maddening Pittsburgh

Believe in God’s unspoken image and Kaberknackle, Kaberknackle!

God, I feel abandoned

The audacity of my delight

Now stumble on

We’ll waste our way/I promise

The Kingdom On My Head

In my head-this royal house/
I creep on vengeful step


Believe me/I bore a thousand depths